Monday, 11 April 2011

Texting improves children's spelling

Can anyone understand what this says in text language?

Children who text on their mobile phones are the best spellers

It appears that children who text regularly may be better spellers and readers.

A study, published today by the British Academy, says teachers and parents should embrace texting as a means of improving their children's phonological awareness.

For instance, a child who texts gr8 to a friend often actually knows how to spell the longer form of the word. 

Researchers also noted an that texters knew which words rhymed. 

Examiners have complained of the growing use of text language in exam answers, but Dr Clare Wood, a reader in development psychology at Coventry University, who carried out the research, said, "We were surprised to learn that texting was driving the development of reading skills in children.... Texting also appears to be a valuable form of contact with written English for many children, which helps them to practise reading and spelling on a daily basis."

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article originally highlighted in skillsworkshopblog

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