Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Prime Minister wants everyone to learn English, but cuts funding

The Prime Minister has said that all new immigrants in Britain must speak English, but funding for ESOL courses are being cut. 
  • How are people going to work if they can't speak English?
  • How are people going to learn English if they can't afford to pay £600 for a course?
 Of the 195,000 people on college and community group Esol courses in England, an estimated 100,000 will lose out after the funding rules are changed.

'Roushon Choudhury, a mother of three from Bangladesh who is now at Tower Hamlets College, summed up the feelings of desperation of many on the breadline. "I went for a job interview last year. But they said my English wasn't good enough. They advised me to improve it. My husband gets very little money. How can I study if I have to pay for it? And if I can't improve my English, how can I get a job?"'    from the Guardian January 2011 - read more here.

Teachers of basic English classes – known as English for speakers of other languages or ESOL – said the vast majority of their students were housewives whose husbands would not be able to afford for them to study part-time at £400 or £500 a year.

"We think that this change could mean that about half of all ESOL students in some cities will be shut out from attending lessons," said Judith Kirsh from the National Association for Teaching English and Community Languages to Adults, the professional association for ESOL teachers.

from the Guardian April 2011 - read more here.

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