Monday, 4 April 2011

Fabio Capello says 100 English words are all you need

England's Italian football manager Fabio Capello claims he can manage his players with just 100 words. So how far could you get with a vocabulary of that size?

Not very far, says Peter Howarth, deputy director of Leeds University's language centre.
"It's a ridiculously small number, you could learn 100 words in a couple of days, particularly when you're in the country surrounded by the language," he says.
Kick! Goal! Please!
"People do say that from a learner's point of view, English is relatively easy to use without too much grammar... but Fabio Capello needs a range, presumably, and to communicate emotions and a bit of nuance."

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Watch Fabio using his 100 words in the video:

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